Executive Team

Ike Monty

President & CEO


Ike J. Monty has more than thirty years of success in the construction industry leading teams in complex building projects. Since 1978 he has been involved in over $1 billion of construction work. He is uniquely qualified in all aspects of the building process, including real estate development, real estate financing, estimating, design, engineering, project management, project financing, and property management.

Mr. Monty has a BA from the University of Texas at El Paso. He has General Contracting Licenses in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and a Brokers Real Estate License in Texas.

Richard Katz



Richard Katz has been with IBI since 1998, managing the accounting and finance departments. Prior to joining IBI, Katz was a Certified Public Account in private practice for ten years and a Manager for an accounting firm for four years.  Katz’ expertise includes partnership and investment accounting, tax planning and preparation, intercompany transactions and financial statement preparation.

Katz has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia and post graduate courses from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He has more than 1,000 continuing professional education hours.  Katz is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Roy Lopez

Senior Vice President


Roy Lopez has more than 25 years’ experience in construction/management working in all aspects of the construction/management industry including site supervision, quality control, manpower/crew scheduling, architectural drafting and design, construction estimating, project scheduling, and project management having successfully completed multiple projects in excess of $150 million at various Department of Defense facilities and multiple residential projects in Southern California and New Mexico.

Lopez is an Associate Member of the Society of American Military Engineers.

Martin Olivares

Senior Accounting Clerk


Martin Olivares has been working with IBI for over 6 years and is the Accounts Payable Senior Manager. He has over 19 years’ experience in the accounting field. Olivares analyzes the accounts for subcontractors and suppliers, calculates potential job costs and is in constant contact with the project managers. He is also skilled in managing computers and systems.

Olivares previously served as an accounting clerk, office manager, bookkeeper and legal assistant at various offices within the insurance, construction/office management and real estate industries since the early 1990s. Olivares received his Associate’s Degree in applied science in Accounting from El Paso Community College in 1988.

Maria Espinoza

Executive Assistant


Maria Espinoza has been with IBI since 1998 overseeing all aspects of Tax Credit programs, HOME Investment Partnerships Program and Bond application proposals to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and the Arizona Department of Housing.

Espinoza’s responsibilities include working closely with attorneys, title companies, surveyors, architects and environmentalists on due diligence and with various lenders to close loans. Her close attention to details is essential in reviewing plans, loan documents and financial documents. In addition, Espinoza manages compliance ensuring that the established deadlines set forth by the various funding and state agencies are met.  Espinoza has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Management from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Corinne Vonberg

Sr VP Operations


Corinne Vonberg has been with IBI for more than 16 years leading the daily operations of the Construction Division. Prior to joining IBI, Vonberg was with Texaco for 30 years.

Vonberg’s expertise includes managing proposals with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and managing construction draw requests and loans. She is responsible for maintaining the integrity of partnership agreements and ensuring that projects across the Southwest are on-track. Vonberg is a key member of the management team working closely with the IBI team and its investors.